Activation of Seaton Carew Centre (12249) by 2E0HPI

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Monday, 19 June 2017
Number of QSOs: 
After doing some shopping with the XYL I decided to walk down to the local beach at Seaton Carew and the start of GFF-0208 & BOTA Beaches on the air reference G/NE-027 with the Clansman RT-320 running 25w with the 2.4m whip antenna which uses the inbuilt ATU and here is my list HB9FHG OH3GZ UA9LT SP6ARI UA3GJM SPMVG IZ5JMN LY2BIS SP9TBT DL1ICB M0DAD/PM SP5GKN IZ2BHZ IZ1JMN CU3EJ SP5X RX9CCJ SP9CTW RU3LO EA7ANC HF0WFF YO6LB 9A4FM OH3GBS SP5ICQ IK4DRY OE3RGB LZ4GL UA6HGY SP8BJU/5 LY2MM R6AC SP6KK M6LND YO3JW YL2TQ EA3BLL I8ZVO IK2TJJ EA3MP F5ZNO/P I0KHY DL9RNV IZ2FOS UX1IM Time started 13:56 to 15:27 UTC Carl 2E0HPI 73

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