Booka's Beach by VK2BYF

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Saturday, 22 July 2023 - 01:45 UTC
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Unable to obtain access to Beecroft Peninsular due to Navy weapons training. Will reschedule to another weekend day. Take 2 Saturday 22nd July 2023 01:45UTC 7.150 + - & or 14.310 depending on conditions, or both. Check PnPeaks BOTA section. This Beach is near Honeymoon Bay Beach, so it made sense to work them both on the same day after a break from the first beach to play tourist and take photos. The weather was cool with little wind and no rain. IC-7300, running 100W into my travelling wave antenna, worked well. I even managed to talk to Jeff in Kunanurra WA on the 10m band. Thanks to all my chasers for giving me another successful day out in the bush & beaches within the Jervis Bay Marine park. Bob vk2byf
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