Honeymoon Bay Beach by VK2BYF

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Saturday, 22 July 2023 - 00:15 UTC
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Unable to obtain access to Beecroft Peninsular due to Navy weapons training. Will reschedule to another weekend day. Take 2 Saturday 22nd July 2023 00:15UTC 7.150 + - & or 14.310 depending on conditions, or both. Check PnPeaks BOTA section. Mission accomplished this time. Got in without problems, The weather was cool, cloudy not too windy. The car-park was empty until lunchtime. I used my trusted travelling wave dipole and made about 15 contacts before taking a break to go for a walk and take pictures. I'll be back. It's a lovely spot and very busy around school holiday times. A big thank you to my chasers.
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