Long Beach by VK2BYF

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Saturday, 29 July 2023 - 01:45 UTC
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Back at Long Beach, Southern end. The huge pile of decaying Seagrass is still here. What a fantastic spot to play radio, right next to the beach with a picnic table and bench. Several options of trees to support my dipole. Found a shady spot and started calling. The first cab of the rank was Ian, VK3VIN again. Not very strong but with zero noise, I could work stations that didn't move the S meter. It was getting quite warm and I was itching for a coffee, but the chasers kept calling, so I worked them. Quite a few new chasers which were not yet in my database. The Australian BOTA movement is on the increase. Thanks to my Chasers and my sponsors, I had a successful day.
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