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Friday, 1 April 2016 - 00:00 UTC
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Tell ya what - anyone who thinks you can just jump on any old beach, with 35 watts to a 10-element Yagi on 146.52 and "crank out the QSO's" hasn't tried it LOL!! It takes a lot of patience and time and very often I end up with only one QSO. That's how it was late this afternoon - at Narrows Park (1/4 mile south of the famous Tacoma Narrows Bridge(s) - "Galloping Gertie" - you know, that really famous bridge that twisted and swayed in 1940 until it fell into the bay? Well, this is it. OK, not that exact one LOL - but it's replacement (there are now two of them). This beach was a 100-acre estate owned by a doctor for many years - I actually played at this very place as a kid. My mom was good friends with their family and we'd play on the beach for hours back in the early-mid 1960s when I was a child. When he died, he left the entire estate as a park. The house too - run down old 2-story thing that's now totally fixed up as a rental. But when I was a kid, this was like a private island to me :-) Once warmer weather gets here, I'm itching for an HF event from this beach - hours on the air on 20m CW - then the low ASL-altitude won't be such a handicap as it is on 2m FM! But I still worked the lovely N7ANN - always legitimately of course. She even surprises me and answers my CQ when I least expect. N7ANN 4/1/16 00:30 UTC 146.52 Beautiful day regardless ... just had hoped for a dozen QSOs today!! Next time! 73 Dave W7UUU
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