Rainbow by VK4KC

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Thursday, 29 April 2021 - 23:00 UTC
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Voted one of the top 10 beaches in Queensland. The linked video is taken from one of the look out points and was not where I operated from. I operated from on top of the large sand dune which was covered in vegetation so that I was in the Great Sandy National Park VKFF-0216 as well as Rainbow beach for BOTA. The ocean is just behind this hill. To access this operating position take the walking track from Ocean View Parade and the Mikado Firebreak trail until just inside the National Park. I only operated for about 45 minutes as it started to rain. I will return to this most beautiful beach in better weather. Contacts: VK4FDJL, vk2gaz, VK2IO, vk2vw, vk2hfi, VK3PF, vk3kai, vi100af, VKPAS, ZL1TM, VK5MAZ, vk2met, VK3YV, vk3tnl, vk3mpr, vk7qp, and vk3ej. (The callsigns in capitals have confirmed my activation)
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