Rodini by SV3SPA

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Sunday, 18 October, 2020 (All day)
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My first portable HF operation, and my first BOTA activity. While my setup seems to work fine, there was a contest going on and It was hard to find an empty frequency, and (with my lack of HF experience) to react fast enough to others. I only got 7 QSOs (5 international and 2 local), but I didn't get to call CQ many times due to the contest. I asked most of the QSOs to register as a chaser but they didn't seem interested. I've spent some time confirming that my gear works and tuning the antenna so I didn't take much photos, and afterwards we were joined by an abandoned dog, and we had to contact some volunteers to come and rescue it. I will return to this spot for a better activation soon.
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