Sirandah Island by YC5YC

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Monday, 31 August, 2020 (All day)
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This BOTA 37696 was activated by YC5YC during August 31st, 2020, Its done along with non amateur radio group tour and a family Vacation, so I don't expect that many logs will be made as I did all the setup and im the only operator using my YC5YC/P call. This Island located in Bungus, Teluk Kabung district Padang - West Sumatra. We drive 10hours by bus from Pekanbaru - Riau then cross to the Island with a traditional speedboat. It takes about 55minutes to get to the island from Padang. In this trip I use Yaesu FT-857D with 2 different antennas Yaesu ATAS 120a and a brew multiband Wolf River Coil antenna by YC3TAA. I work 25 local and dx station in 3 bands (40, 20, 15m) and 2 modes Phonetic SSB & Digital FT8. I've already upload all the logs to my YC5YC/P and Logbook of the world (LoTW) account. If you guys one of the 25 contacts reaching YC5YC/P during this BOTA 37696 activation please do claim our QSO as my chasers. You need to register and create an account here and then look for BOTA 37696 to claim. Finally thank you all who reach and made successful qso with me and thank you for stopping by, if you find this video interesting please like and do share them with your friends, & show your support to amateur radio activity by subscribing the channel. From Pekanbaru - OJ00rl with all the loves in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic I pray for us all to always had a good health and big success in whatever you guys do right now... 73 de YC5YC
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