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Strengthening the role of sponsors

We have migrated from beach sponsorships into activation sponsorships and from single sponsorships to multiple sponsorships for the same activation. We expect the change to bring us the following advantages:

  1. It will create a greater number of sponsoring opportunities and increase our programme's dynamism and diversity, and greater enjoyment for those who like to sponsor.
  2. A ban on self-sponsorships will clearly differentiate the role of sponsor from that of activator, clarifying the role of a sponsor as a person that gives to others and making sure that activators can in no case pay for their activations, not even voluntarily.
  3. Allowing for multiple sponsorships of the same activation will allow us to use the number or diversity of sponsorships as an indicator of quality, useful for deciding on the creation of new beaches or for awarding extra points to activators and chasers for activities with a greater public interest.
  4. And a number of other advantages of a more technical nature.

Some of the changes have already been successfully tested, and others will have to wait until the first activations take place.

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