Countries and entities

Our beach lists aim to be as exhaustive and objective as possible, and are often based on official sources, such as environmental protection agencies.

Flag Country Continent DXCC entity DXCC prefix Regions
AL Albania Europe Albania ZA 1
AU Australia Oceania Australia VK 2
BE Belgium Europe Belgium ON 10
BG Bulgaria Europe Bulgaria LZ 4
BR Brazil South America Brazil PY 4
CA Canada North America Canada VE 1
CL Chile South America Chile CE 14
DE Germany Europe Germany DL 16
DK Denmark Europe Denmark OZ 5
ES Spain Europe Balearic Islands EA6 1
ES Spain Europe Canary Islands EA8 2
ES Spain Europe Ceuta and Melilla EA9 2
ES Spain Europe Spain EA-EH 19
FR France Europe France F 21
FR France Europe French Guiana FY 1
FR France Europe Guadeloupe FG 1
FR France Europe Martinique FM 1
FR France Europe Mayotte FH 1
FR France Europe Reunion Island FR 1
GB United Kingdom Europe Wales GW 1
GB United Kingdom Europe England G 5
GB United Kingdom Europe Northern Ireland GI 1
GB United Kingdom Europe Scotland GM 1
GR Greece Europe Greece SV 38
HK Hong Kong S.A.R., China Asia Hong Kong VR 1
HR Croatia Europe Croatia 9A 7
ID Indonesia Asia Indonesia YB 4
IE Ireland Europe Ireland EI 7
IT Italy Europe Italy I 19
IT Italy Europe Sardinia IS0 1
KY Cayman Islands North America Cayman Islands ZF 1
LC Saint Lucia North America Saint Lucia J6 1
MA Morocco Africa Morocco CN 2
MC Monaco Europe Monaco 3A 1
MK Macedonia Europe Republic of Macedonia Z3 4
MY Malaysia Asia West Malaysia 9M2 4
PE Peru South America Peru OA-OC 11
PR Puerto Rico North America Puerto Rico KP4 1
PT Portugal Europe Madeira CT3 1
PT Portugal Europe Azores CU 1
PT Portugal Europe Portugal CT 5
RO Romania Europe Romania YO 2
SE Sweden Europe Sweden SE 8
US United States North America Alaska KL 1
US United States North America United States K 35
UY Uruguay South America Uruguay CV-CX 1
ZA South Africa Africa South Africa ZS 4