Single beach listing application

Beaches On The Air has more than 30,000 beaches listed all around the globe. Approved beach lists aim to be as complete and objective as possible, and are often based on government sources such as environmental protection or tourism promotion agencies.

In exceptional circumstances, when you wish to activate a beach that is not part of the approved beach list in your country, or there is no approved beach list for your country, it is possible to add a single beach to the system.

The application procedure is simple. You add this application to your cart, pay the fee, and provide the details of the beach in the comments section of your application (name of the beach, dxcc entity, region or province, county or municipality, location coordinates in decimal degrees...). We will then provisionally create the beach so that you can activate it.

The procedure involves a first activation ceremony, which must meet a set of conditions that are not required from regular activations:

  • The activator must previously announce the activation on the Beaches On The Air website.
  • The activator must declare a minimum of 10 QSOs on the Beaches On The Air website, and must keep the log ready for verification if so requested.
  • The activator must provide evidence of the activation in video or picture format on the Beaches On The Air website.
  • The activation must be confirmed on the Beaches On The Air website by a minimum of two chasers, referred to as sponsors.
  • There must be evidence of the international impact of the activation, by means of chaser confirmations, recordings, cluster spots, or any other means.

Once the first activation requirements will be successfully completed, we will confirm the beach listing.