Can I activate the same beach more than once?

Start dates and compulsory rest
Last modified: 
2 February, 2024 - 17:27

We all probably know that a user can activate the same beach more than once, as long as activations take place on different days, but what does that mean? How do we avoid the artificial split of an activation in two just to earn a greater number of points?
In order to be able to activate the same beach twice, it is not sufficient that both activations start on different days, be start dates measured in UTC or local time. We must also make sure that we are dealing with two distinct activations and not just a single one spanning over different days. The defining criterium here is that, besides the fact that both activations must start on different calendar days, there should also be a minimum rest of eight hours between the end of an activation and the start of the next one. Absent that minimum rest, the activation is considered a single continuous one, and you should keep using the same activation code.

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