How to obtain a Beaches On The Air certificate

Including your seniority, awards and distinctions
Last modified: 
28 July, 2023 - 11:26

It is very simple for you to obtain a printable certificate of your participation in Beaches On The Air. The certificate will indicate not only your seniority in the programme, but also the honours you have accumulated as an activator, chaser or sponsor, as well as any distinctions you currently hold as a donor or manager, for instance.

This certificate can look very good hanging on the wall of your shack, but can also be useful to get your Beaches On The Air activity recognised by public authorities in your country, for promotions or special callsigns.

Just by joining, you will be able to see an unsigned preview of your certificate. Should you wish to get it signed, you will just need to contact one of our managers. As simple as that.

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