Why are all the times on our website expressed in UTC standard?

Avoiding errors and stressing our global vocation
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28 July, 2023 - 11:26

Beaches On The Air is an global award scheme for radio amateurs that promotes portable operation from beaches. Just by looking at our rolls of honour for activators, chasers, and sponsors, you can easily note that the word global is not just a fancy adjective for us.

Current technology would allow us to have custom time zones for different users, depending on your personal account settings, your device settings, or the IP you connect from. Hovever, this would require users to have their own settings right and would also introduce additional complications for us, and could be a source of errors. Therefore, we prefer to disable custom time zones to avoid the hassle for users and administrators and to reduce the margin for errors. But simplicity is not the only reason why we use a single universal time standard on our website.

The second and equally important reason why we use the UTC standard, besides simplicity and the reduction of mistakes, is that we want you to keep in mind that we run a global programme here. We are aware that you may have your most faithful chasers or activators close to you, that they ofen speak the same language as you, and that propagation conditions are not always right for DX, but we would also like you to bear in mind at all times that we have a global vocation. That is why the Beaches On The Air standard is UTC.

Using UTC is also cool, by the way...

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