Activation of Grande de Miño (9) by EC1CW on Sunday, 3 January, 2016
Activation of Orzán (7) by EC1CW on Sunday, 24 January, 2016


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ES Spain
I was born in A Coruña in 1975. I obtained my C-class operator diploma in March 1992, becoming second operator of my father's EC1DGK station. I got my A-class licence later that year, and my own EA1AOK callsign in 1993. Then, I set the hobby aside for several years until I got my current EC1CW callsign in April 2007 and became a fan of portable operations. I introduced Summits On The Air in Spain in August 2010, becaming the manager of the EA1 region, and was very active for a couple of years. Then I created Beaches On The Air in January 2013, but it was not until December 2015 that I introduced the current website with added beach lists and functionalities, and started to make activations.

Chasing activity

Activator Beach Reference Country Date Activation Points
EA1LQ Las Amorosas / Las Primorosas 29 ES 07/05/18 view 1
EA1LQ La Cala Atalaya 17481 ES 13/01/17 view 1
CT1MH São Pedro de Moel 1229 PT 30/01/16 view 1
M0KLB Hove 12368 GB 30/01/16 view 1
EA1LQ Sabón / Alba 38 ES 29/01/16 view 1
EA1LQ Valcobo 41 ES 04/01/16 view 1
EA1LQ La Salsa / Repibelo 51 ES 31/12/15 view 1
EA1AQ Bens 34 ES 25/12/15 view 1