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Sunday, 28 May 2023 - 15:00 UTC
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GREETINGS; BECAUSE OF VACATION NEAR THIS AREA I WILL TRANSMIT THIS DAY IF GOD ALLOWS THERE ARE NO BAD WEATHER CONDITIONS, THE WAY I WILL TRANSMIT IS ON FT8; FT4 IN 10M-6M ALSO IN PHONE IN 10M-28.315; 6M-50.110 AND 2M 146.520 FM STATIONS THAT MAKE CONTACT WILL BE SENT A SPECIAL EQSL OF THE EVENT BY POTA MAN WP4MQQ PUNTA TUNA PLAYA COORDINATES 18.002477, -65.875527 BOTA PUNTA TUNA PLAYA-MAUNABO PR TIME E WIND: 15:00 TO 17:30 UTC WP4MQQ@2023-0528 REPORT FROM THIS BOTA 6/4/2023 1:51UTC My second activation in this same area ,this SUNDAY 28MAY it was sunny with an average temperature of 88grados but thermally more than 90grade ,I started between 15:30 utc time; 11:30am est time MAUNABO,PUERTO RICO. My report as an operator I can tell you with 18 watts as much as I could to communicate as QSO_EC8AUZ was from the canary islands with a signal report of 55 and from my side signal of 55 and from me to the station it was approximately 57,as S3 signal. ON FREQ 28.490.40 I tried other stations but they did not hear me. I was able to contact three stations on FT8 in the area later in the day. The next day, Monday 29th, I tried to activate the POTA at Wetland Punta Tuna Nature Reserve K-9723, tried on 2m 146.520 over 10min and did not hear anyone, then installed an HF HF antenna on 10 meters and was about 10 to 15min trying to locate signal and there was no one there. It is my first visit to this place and unfortunately I could not have any QSO. but for the next time I can be near, I will try to activate this park in the maunabo area. KP4RK station was able to activate this park this past february 2023. WP4MQQ___73 Hector Rodriguez Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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