Indonesia is fully back on our rolls of honour

The system is ready for welcoming back all our Indonesian fellows

On the occasion of Ramadan 2024, we are happy to announce that Indonesia is back on our rolls of honour. After years of reflection and preparations, and with the help of all our members around the world from Australia to Puerto Rico, I can say we are now ready to welcome back our Indonesian fellows. Indonesia is back to our top of countries, and Asia leads our roll of honour of continents. Since you left, we have evolved and introduced many needed reforms. Among other things, we have eliminated beach sponsorships altogether, streamlined the beach creation system and allowed for the activation of unlisted beaches. This means that a simple announcement is all it takes to activate a new beach, making it much easier for countries like Indonesia to grow their beach lists. We have also implemented a new system with activation codes, which makes it easier for chasers to avoid mistakes when selecting the right activation to report. This is especially useful for countries like Indonesia where a large number of operators activate the same beach on the same day. All in all, our system is now clearer, fairer and more efficient than ever before. Welcome back!

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