mAT-30: Automatic antenna tuner for Yaesu

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Works with Yaesu FT-857D, FT-897D, FT-891, FT-100, FT-950 and others

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This automatic antenna tuner is very well built and works similarly to a Yaesu FC-30, FC-40 or FC-50, with the wider tuning range of the latter two. Tuning is started from the transceiver menu and, once tuned on one frequency, it keeps the tuning on memory for a 10-kHz interval. This means that later it will be able to recall the tuning memories based on the frequency on your transceiver without the need to transmit. This is very handy for reception when you are using always the same antenna. The memories are not so helpful though when you operate portable or experiment with different antennas, and the fact that you need to navigate the transceiver menus to initiate a new tuning is cumbersome. The memories based on a different antenna setup can be a hindrance in this case. Therefore, I think this automatic antenna tuner is thought with base operation in mind.

The tuner is made out of alluminium alloy and looks very well built. Probably because of its metal construction, you can hear the very loud sound of the relays inside, especially when it first tunes. This annoyance is mitigated when the memory is already in tune, because the tuning is so short and fast then. The case is black and it acquired a golden tone to it when it was left in the sunshine for a prolongued period.

The tuner is very well built and works as expected, with a very good price and a wide tuning range. Overall, I recommend this tuner for indoor base station use with a stable antenna setup.

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