Current sponsors and managers

Displaying 1 - 18 of 18 fellows that have donated to the programme during the past year. You will recognise them because they carry the following badge of honour:
Managers are appointed following elections organised every year in countries with five sponsors or more. A peer-elected manager is a primus inter pares among the donors of his or her country. You will be able to recognise them by their distinctive badge of honour:
CA1HDG's picture
Marcelo Riquelme Mora
CL Chile
CA3IME's picture
Ivan Marinkovic
CL Chile
César Cárdenas
CL Chile
CE1NT's picture
CL Chile
KK1TLS's picture
Terry L. Sidelinker
US United States
KP3V's picture
Rafael Bonano
PR Puerto Rico
M7EHC's picture
GB United Kingdom
NP3MJ's picture
Joan Monterrey
PR Puerto Rico
NP3MR's picture
PR Puerto Rico
NP3O's picture
René Fonseca
PR Puerto Rico
PU2OYT's picture
Felipe Camarneiro
BR Brazil
VK4KC's picture
Marty Nelson
AU Australia
VU3IBL's picture
Amitava Gupta
IN India
WP4JLZ's picture
Jorge Luis Zambrana-Rodriguez
PR Puerto Rico
Jose R Rivera Guilbe
PR Puerto Rico
WP4TZ's picture
Manuel A Velez Reyes
PR Puerto Rico
YO8SOY's picture
Anca Timofte
RO Romania
ZS5SID's picture
Sidney Freedman
ZA South Africa