In this page we will try to compile some guidelines for activators and chasers. These guidelines will evolve as the programme develops. They should be understood as recommendations.

  1. Whenever possible, you should add your activation before it starts. You simply do not fill in the QSO number yet. You will be able to edit this after the activation has finished. This has the following advantages:
    1. It can be used as an announcement of your activation for chasers.
    2. You, or any other registered user, will be able to add your activation to the DX Cluster just by indicating a frequency and clicking a button.
    3. Chasers will be able to claim their QSO with you immediatly after making it, while the activation is still ongoing.
  2. During an activation you should try to promote the programme among chasers by
    1. Calling CQ 'Beaches On The Air'.
    2. Referring to your 'Beaches On The Air' activation and sharing your beach reference.
    3. Posting your activation on the DX Cluster and encouraging your chasers to do the same.
    4. Inviting your chasers to visit the programme's website ''.
    5. Encouraging chasers to claim their chaser points by confirming their QSO with you on the Beaches On The Air website.
  3. You should try to take pictures or videos of your activations. The other members enjoy this very much, and it also helps us promote the programme among visitors. When taking a picture or especially recording a video, please do it in landscape format!