More than one thousand Croatian beaches added to Beaches On The Air

We have added 1000+ beach references to Beaches On The Air. All these new additions feature coordinates and full integration with Google Maps. We thank our main sponsor for its continued support, as well as all the generous donations received from colleagues all around the world that have made this possible. Good luck to Croatian activators!

Bulgaria and Google Maps added to Beaches On The Air

We have just added 90+ Bulgarian beaches to the programme. This new addition has also represented an opportunity to add beach co-ordinates and test the integration with Google Maps. Bulgaria thus becomes the first country in Beaches On The Air to include beach co-ordinates for each and every one of its beaches. It becomes also the first country with which we tested the integration with Google Maps. Thanks to our sponsor for making this possible and good luck to Bulgarian activators!

[Beaches On The Air Announcement] Improvement for chasers

EC1CW has sent you a group email from Beaches On The Air. Dear friends, There were some chasers having difficulties selecting the activations they wanted to confirm because the autocomplete form field only gave them the first 10 activations that contained their search string (usually the activator's callsign). Sometimes this list did not contain the activation they were looking to confirm. We have just introduced an improvement that we believe will mitigate this problem greatly.