Our beaches

Activate an unlisted beach, and we'll get it listed for you!

We have nearly 30 thousand beaches listed in our database, which you should consult in the first instance before attempting your activation. You will need to log in to be able to use our beach finder, which will allow you to search our extensive database of beaches by country, province/state, municipality/county, and beach name.

However, if you cannot find your desired beach on our lists by using our beach finder, you may still be able to go ahead with your activation. We currently allow the activation of unlisted beaches, by simply selecting "Unlisted" as the name of your beach on your activation announcement/report. You must also indicate the name of the beach, its location in decimal degrees, municipality, province/state, and country, in the optional fields of your form reserved for information on unlisted beaches. A sponsor will review your activation and create a new beach listing where appropriate.

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