1000 B-Shells

You can now support Beaches On The Air by means of a one-time donation. This donation is completely voluntary, unconditional and non refundable, and you don't need to donate to participate as an activator or as a chaser. Sponsors, however, play an important role in the strategic management of Beaches On The Air, and with your decisions as a sponsor you will be able to shape the development of our programme.

After this donation, you will receive 1,000 B-Shells, the internal currency used by sponsors in our programme. You may then be asked to further donate your time and use those B-Shells to sponsor specific Beaches On The Air activities, such as the creation of new beach listings.

Using your B-Shells wisely is as important as getting as many of them, since the activity of activators and chasers on your sponsored beaches will be linked to your account as a sponsor. This means that if you pick your beach sponsorships carefully, you will be able to accumulate a greater number of points as a sponsor.