Donation of 1000 b-shells

You can now support Beaches On The Air by means of a one-time donation. This donation is completely voluntary, so please don't feel obliged to donate in order to participate in the programme as an activator or as a chaser. Contribute only what you can afford, knowing that there will always be other fellows ready to cover the remainder.

After your donation, you will receive 1000 b-shells, the internal currency used by sponsors in our programme, which will allow you to earmark parts of your donation for the sponsorship of specific Beaches On The Air activations. Any remaining credit after one year will be automatically earmarked by the system, but your sponsoring decisions can make a difference. Besides the general support that your donation provides to the maintenance of the programme as a whole, your decisions as a sponsor will encourage fellows to participate as activators and chasers by boosting the multiplier of their activities. Their participation, in turn, will earn you points to compete on our roll of honour of sponsors.

Last, but not least, as a donor you may also be invited to elect a manager for your country or region when a certain number of donors is reached.