Product reviews

In this section we publish reviews of products that may be of interest to Beaches On The Air participants, most of them tested by us on our own activations.

The least expensive option for ham radio?
Embedded thumbnail for Dokio 80W foldable solar panel
Designed for ease of installation and safety of those who operate portable from public places
Embedded thumbnail for V-dipole antenna for BOTA trolley
Original Xiegu G90 Kits Stand Bracket Holder for XIEGU G90 G90S Ham HF Transceiver Radio
Plug and play with a metal case
Compact fast charger for LiPo and LiFe batteries
Very handy for securing LiPo batteries to your portable radio
The one I use in my ham radio trolley
Protection for your next generation portable transceiver
Dual band VHF-UHF transceiver
Low cost, light weight, 800mA, ideal for small batteries
Low cost, light weight, compact and efficient for portable ham radio