Why are activation codes so important?

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Unlock points for activators, chasers and sponsors

In order to understand the importance of activation codes in our system, it is useful to have a look at our process:

  1. When you announce an activation on the website, you get a secret 4-character alphanumeric activation code.
  2. When you make the activation, you share this activation code with chasers during your qsos (it is forbidden to share it by any other means).
  3. When one of those chasers uses that code on our website to confirm his/her qso with you, the chaser gets one point, you get one point and the sponsor of the beach gets one point.
What this means is that, if (1) you do not announce your activation, you don't get any activation code, (2) you cannot share an activation code with chasers during your activation, and (3) chasers cannot confirm their qsos with you, so nobody receives any points.

Why do we use activation codes then?

Activation codes serve different purposes, such as
  1. They make it easier for activators to transmit the reference of their activation to chasers. With a single 4-character alphanumeric code, chasers can get all the information about the activator, the beach name and location, pictures, videos and any other details about the activation.
  2. They make it nearly impossible for chasers to confirm the wrong activation by mistake.
  3. They encourage activators to announce their activations in advance, which is beneficial for potential chasers.
  4. They encourage chasers to use our website to redeem their activation codes and learn more about the activation in which they participated.

For all the above reasons, we believe that activation codes are useful for the convenience of our activators and chasers and the quality assurance of our programme.

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15 November 2021
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