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Hello my name is Renato and everything started when I was 9 years old, my father bought an opal which came with a PX radio, a 23 channel AUDIOVOX, only with AM, and a telescopic motor antenna and then started my love By the hobby, soon after my Father set up a fixed station in our house, came a friend of his and "fabricated" a land plane antenna and then ready to stay hours and hours on the small radio talking to several people, but then because of the radio I I was a little ill at school, and so my Father decided to deactivate the station, and that's how I spent several years away from the radio. But one day my brother worked in São Paulo and when he came home he brought a 19DX with an antenna in the car in which he worked, and then I decided to buy a new radinho for me ....... that's when I bought a Midiland 40 channels and a k40 that headache that hihihi antenna, and then I took my first call with radio citizen, set up base station and everything else, it had already been a while and my Father took the first radinho of the shoe AUDIOVOX "which is with me and working until today", and gave me as a gift, with a short time I was with radio with ssb and began to make some contacts through an old group of DX International the Sierra Alfa, after some time I joined the Alfa Tango Group, and today after 11 years I am the Coordinator in Brazil, but what I imagined would never happen to me happened !!!!!! It was still only Radio Citizen and when I was invited to go to Fenarcom 2007, on the bus several friends and among them Roberto PY2ZJ, and talking to him, the same spoke so to me want to learn CW? I said YES, well he said turn on your radio in the frequency of 146.590 that I help you, and it was so on 27/07/2007 I started with the learning of the modality that I saw as the biggest problem for my entry into the RADIO AMATEUR, and after some classes I gave the tests directly to class "B" and here I thank my father for the beginning and my teacher for the great help in my learning and after this I ended up enjoying the modality CW, just does not learn who does not want ! And now I am class A, want to know more until my wife now is also Radio Amadora, with the code of PU2YLD, well that is the small report of my trajectory in the hobby. Today I am no longer part of the Alfa Tango Group, I decided to leave for personal reasons, I am now part of my former group the Sierra Alfa, as 3SA118, and also of India Romeo, as 3IR118, this is a brief account of my trajectory in the waves of the radio. Google Tradutor para empresas:Google Toolkit de tradução para appsTradutor de sites