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Friday, 16 April, 2021 - 04:30
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Perfect weather, perfect location and great propagation made this activation very special. 20 and 40 metres were working well around Australia and over to New Zealand. I parked at Woorim beach car park (beach access 1) at the south east of Bribie Island and walked two kilometres north along the beach which took 25 minutes. I wanted to make sure I was in the Bribie Island national park boundaries as this was both a parks (VKFF-0053, VK-1485) and beaches on the air activation. In the 1st hour I made 35 contacts on 20 metres and the 2nd hour I made 38 contacts on 40 metres. I used the squid pole to support the inverted V fan dipole. I used my headphones as I was close to the beach and the noise of breaking waves was quite loud. Stations contacted, 20 metres - VK5PAS/P, vk7rg, vk3ey, KN7D, VK3PF, VK3GA, VK3SQ, vk2dg, VK5NEC, Vk3lf, VK5IS, Vk2hha, vk2vh, vk3bbb, vk2ccp, VK6XN, VK3DAC, vk6yv, VK7LTD, ZL1TM, vk3cu, VK3MPR, VK3PI, VK3ZPF, vk7qp, vk4bxx, vk5klv, vk3cwf, vk3ndx, zl1gq, VK6NU, vk3vjp, vk3tkk/m. Stations contacted, 40 metres - VK4NHS, vk2vw, VK3SQ, vk4hmi, VK4CZ, VK4FDJL, VK2MET, vk2lee, vk4bxx, VK2IO, VK5CZ, VK1DI, vk4idk, VK3PF, VK2GJC, VK4DX, vk5vk, VK3MCK, vk4tlc, VK2XOR, vk5fdmg, vk2agb, vk4att, VK2YK, VK5PAS/P, VK5MAZ/P, VK3YV, VK2LX, vk2tm, VK2LT, VK5LA, vk2lag, vk2hbo, vk2rk. (The callsigns in capitals have confirmed my activation)
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