Driving licence points

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Protect the system and indentify users who need extra help

We are back online. We reset the point system, including our new category entitled "Driving licence points". In this category you will have one point deducted every time a moderator deletes a piece of your content. It is not a big problem to have a few points removed in this category, but if you fall below a certain threshold, you will be blocked and required to take a training course (to make sure you understand what you are doing on the website) before you get unblocked. The general advice is that, if you see some of your content removed, you do not insist on creating it again and again until you understand why it was removed in the first place. We are sure that there is no bad intention in the mistakes that you make, even the repeated ones. The driving licence point system is in place only to protect the integrity of the programme and be able to detect the users that need a bit of extra help.

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