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Amateur radio from the beach

Beaches On The Air is an award scheme for radio amateurs that promotes portable operation from beaches. We have rolls of honour and awards for activators (those who operate from the beaches) and chasers (those who contact them from home or elsewhere). You can participate from any beach, country or region around the world. Our programme currently lists more than 30,000 beaches, often drawn from official sources, such as environmental protection agencies, but also allows the addition of individual beaches sponsored by users.

Activators and chasers accumulate points with each activation. As an activator, you will earn points based on the number of chasers that confirm your activation by reporting a QSO with you on our website. As a chaser, you will earn points with each QSO that you confirm on our website. Unlike in other programmes, you can activate, or chase, the same beach as many times as you wish and you can always earn additional points. Unlike other programmes too, Beaches On The Air does not impose any restriction on how you get to the activation point or on the power source you can use for your station. It supports energy efficiency, however, by creating a special category for QRP operations.

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For activators and chasers
Wednesday, 25 September 2019
Updated: 26 October 2020