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Angsana Beach pampers visitors at the beginning of setting foot on the beach area. The reason is that visitors are greeted with fine white sand and its cleanliness is always maintained, as a result it produces a distinctive atmosphere of foreign beaches that are always dazzled by white sand and clear water. Moreover, the beach is still virgin so that visitors are satisfied to enjoy the view without problems such as bad smells, garbage and other problems. Interestingly, many parties make Angsana Beach an important place. Among them are application events that have a quiet but romantic concept because they are set in their own favorite style, besides that they are used for school holidays such as high school, students and other play and study groups. guaranteed a very pleasant vacation because it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Traveling to the beach is incomplete if you don't get a panoramic view of the coral reefs, you can take it easy because Angsana Beach has a very amazing underwater. This makes the underwater a mainstay spot for tourists because the coral reefs are complete and have not been touched by human hands. For this reason, snorkeling and diving activities should not be missed, the great thing is that there have been foreign tourists who said the beauty of the beach is the same as Bunaken.
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South Kalimantan
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