Cappa Ujung

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Cappa Ujung Beach is one of the coastal natural tourist destinations that is not well known by the wider community. Ujung Beach is located in the village of Cappa Ujung, Bone. This beach is a favorite place for local residents to spend their spare time and vacation. Its unspoiled natural panorama makes it unsightly. Because it is not very well known among the wider community, Cappa Beach has not been visited by many tourists. However, that did not make the panorama less. In fact, there weren't many visitors yet to keep it clean and natural, so it made the atmosphere so peaceful. For those of you who want peace while on vacation, Cappa Beach can be the right choice. The atmosphere is still quiet, so you will feel that this beach is your own when on vacation here without other tourists. Even though not many people know about this tourist area of ​​Cappa Beach, the panorama still makes you feel happy and comfortable to linger here. Cappa Beach also has its own charm for visiting tourists.
Kabupaten Bone
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South Sulawesi
ID Indonesia
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