Carita Anyer

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This exotic beach with white sand looks beautiful combined with the blue sea and the screeching sound of seagulls around it. This beach is located in Labuan or Anyer. Although still natural, this beach is also equipped with various accommodations for visitors. There are banana boats, jetskis, snorkeling and other game tools to just test the adrenaline. Not only that, this beach also offers a variety of delicious culinary delights, so for visitors from inside and outside the city whose stomachs feel hungry, visitors can look for food around the beach. Many local residents provide it. In fact, local residents also process some marine products such as seaweed into food. If the pockets are still thick, travelers can also look for restaurants that are available in many places. Anyway there are many food menus offered around the beach which is called this hidden paradise.
Pandeglang Regency
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ID Indonesia
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