Tanjung Bira

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Each tourist location must have excellent spots that will increase its attractiveness and charm. Like also on this *Tanjung Bira Beach*. The following are some of the beauties that are the main attraction of this beach. Among others are : 1. Soft and White Sand Beach It is undeniable that Tanjung Bira Bulukumba Beach has a very clean, white and smooth beach. The soft sand of the beach here is even a distinctive feature that gives prominence to the name Tanjung Bira Beach. You will definitely play on the sand for a long time and won't know the time. 2. Clear Sea Water The sea water on this beach is so clear that when you look at the bottom, you will see it clearly. With this clear water, it seems difficult to resist the urge to swim, snorkel and dive in it. The clarity of the sea water on this beach is indeed an attraction that will make visitors want to come back to this place. 3. A Closer Look at Phinisi Shipbuilding One of the things that makes this beach famous is because of the traditional Phinisi boat building houses. This ship is a traditional ship and is typical of the people of Sulawesi, especially the Bugis. The ancestors of the Indonesian nation were indeed famous as sailors. This is very appropriate because the ancestors of the Bugis tribe were formidable sailors. Until now, the Bugis still maintain the ability to build phinisi ships. In fact, this place is the center of phinisi shipbuilding in Indonesia. If you visit this beach, make sure not to forget to visit the phinisi sailing shipbuilding center! That's a glimpse of information about Tanjung Bira Beach, Bulukumba, which is now becoming famous and worldwide. This beach is getting crowded by local and foreign tourists visiting. Now, it's your turn to enjoy it!
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South Sulawesi
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