Teluk Gosong

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Teluk Gosong Beach. It is called Teluk Gosong Beach because this beach is located in Teluk Gosong Village, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan. This beach presents natural beauty that will amaze you. This beach, which is still relatively new, offers beautiful natural scenery. In addition, this beach, which is still relatively new, can be used as a reference when you want to enjoy a private vacation with your loved ones, because this beach is relatively new so it is not too crowded with visitors. The white sand that is owned by Teluk Gosong Beach gives the impression that the sea water is clearer. The rocks that are scattered around the shoreline make this beach more enchanting. For those of you who like photo hunting, this place will be a very suitable place, because the rocks that stretch around the beach will make your photos more unique and certainly memorable. This beach, which is still relatively quiet, is very suitable as an option for those of you who want to enjoy a moment of holiday togetherness with your partner, family, or loved ones. One of the uniqueness of this beach is the white sand that stretches, adorning the beachside area. This white sand makes the sea water look bluer, so beautiful! Even though it is included in a quiet beach, this beach does not mean that it does not attract the attention of tourists, it's just that this beach has not been managed as a tourist spot for a long time, so this beach is still empty of visitors because it is not well known. However, the natural beauty of this beach cannot be doubted.
Kotabaru Pulau laut
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South Kalimantan
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