Xiegu G-90 20W HF tranceiver with built-in ATU

Compact and worth its price, modding options

This compact 20W HF transceiver with built-in antenna tuner has got potential for portable operations. Its main advantages are its price and its compact size.

Its screen is a great improvement compared to its predecessor, the X-108G, with a much better refresh rate, although I still feel it is a bit cramped. The antenna tuner was a great addition, too, although it does not have the wider range of aftermarket tuners, and struggles to tune a whip antenna on all bands.

Ergonomically speaking, the radio offers great opportunities for modding. I don't like the handles and even think their right angles are unsafe, but they can be easily removed. The radio also lacks feet. The DC power conector is weak (Tamiya mini) and its pins are mounted in an unstandard way. But these are the kinds of things that you can enjoy modding if you are into that.

Overall, I recommend this radio for hams on a budget or those who are interested in modding.

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